Become a Member of MHAAA

Are you an artist seeking a place to share your talents? Come join us!
Benefits of Membership include applying to and, if accepted, participating in the 2024 Spring Art Tour that takes place in the Driftless Region in and around Mount Horeb
. The past Spring Art Tours have had thousands of visitors and is a very well known and established event. This event gives artists a great opportunity to sell their work as well as educate about their studio and processes. If your studio isn’t within a 21 mile radius of Mount Horeb, you have the opportunity to be a visiting artist. We are happy to help find you a placement in another artist’s studio if you are accepted.

Reach out to Patty and Ivy at for more information!


Peer-reviewed artists. Carry a passion for fine art. Capable of sharing their talents at an exhibition.


Individuals who want to show their support for a fine art organization.


High school students with a passion for fine art who desire to enter into the peer-review process.

Fostering the arts in individuals and the communities of Driftless Wisconsin through supporting cultural and art awareness since 2006, membership in MHAAA offers many benefits, to artists and those who support the arts. There are four membership levels available, with membership terms being a calendar year.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Quarterly meetings; may include critiques, demonstrations, field trips, socials, meetups and other events
  • Opportunities to participate in quarterly sales events and other art exhibit and sales opportunities
  • Apply for participation in the annual Spring Art Tour juried event and other events and exhibits
  • Meet and network with other artists, art supporters, and community leaders; to exchange ideas that further develop artistic enjoyment and skills, understanding and awareness
  • Multiple social media connections
  • Opportunities to make a difference by volunteering for MHAAA and local committees
  • Link to your website and/or social media site(s) from website
  • Connection with artists and community leaders via quarterly meetings, organization volunteer and the Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce