Belleville & rural Mount Horeb

4. Julie Sutter-Blair

W3748 Fahey Road


My inspiration and passion is found in the natural world and daily life. I have enjoyed art, gardening and the changing seasons all my life. Etching with a needle tool and such provide opportunity for detail, texture and surprise, all which I adore. My etchings are done on copperplates, all prints pulled one by one by me. Further work with color is done on each piece after the print dries.

Open printmaking studio showing equipment, process, sketches, proofs, finished work and live demonstrations pulling a print. Hospitality with beverages and treats.

5. Julie Raasch

9404 County Road A
Mount Horeb


Jewelry, Photography

Nature-inspired handcrafted jewelry. Jewelry made from copper, and sometimes sterling silver or brass. Much of my jewelry is created using a technique known as fold-forming. It is a technique in which the metal is annealed (heated) repeatedly while folding, unfolding, forging, and forming the metal. Etching and traditional metalsmith techniques are often combined with the folding of the metal. Stones, beads, found objects, or hand-made metal and beaded chains are sometimes included. Each piece of aistheta jewelry is a small sculptural piece of wearable art that celebrates the natural world.

My photographs capture the world around me… from sunrise to sunset and beyond. My work is driven by light. I am an observer of nature, color, and how light plays in the environment. It silhouettes, highlights and most importantly brings out color where it was once hidden by darkness.

Jewelry – I will demonstrate fold-forming techniques and talk about the processes I use when designing and building a piece of jewelry.

Photography – I will have my photographs on display and will tell the stories behind how I capture my images.

Studio is around the back of the house, down a small hill with a step up into the house. Visitors are welcome to walk around the prairie. Terrain around the prairie is hilly.



5. Amanda Langer

9404 County Road A
Mount Horeb


Metal & Fiber Sculpture

My work is an exploration into the contrasting and often conflicting natures we hold within us and around us. By exploring the dualities within the materials I work with, I seek to similarly expose the variability within ourselves. I enjoy investigating how fiber and metal can be combined in new and surprising ways, and I believe it shows how the multitudes of elements between humans and our societies have infinite potential to combine and work together to find harmony.

Amanda Langer earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 2017 and has since worked in ecological restoration while pursuing art on the side. She is currently returning to her art in pursuit of melding her two primary passions into one cohesive whole.

I will be demonstrating applying the fiber to my sculptural pieces.

6. Luke Proctor

1755 State Road 92
Mount Horeb


This work represents an idea of focusing on forms and line, texture and functionality. Ideas come from many places including the natural world I see every day outside the studio in south west Wisconsin’s “driftless area”, and industrial blacksmithing techniques from the early years of the Industrial revolution.

The joinery is out front to be seen rather than trying to hide it, it becomes an aesthetic part of each piece.

The fronts of all the cabinet pieces have a story to tell, whether it’s an abstract representation of our agricultural area or a connection to the historical steel industry.

Tours of the studio and equipment will be given. Discussion about the process of forging and the tools used will also be happening.

Parking on the side of the driveway. The studio is one level and has a flat entrance, it is wheel chair accessible.