Cross Plain & Verona

15. Chad Grob

5093 County Highway P
Cross Plains



Whether it is a burl, knot, uniform grain, flowing live edge, or curly or birdseye figuring, I see a way to capture the wood’s natural characteristics and transform them. It will likely take hundreds of steps to complete the transformation, but a special part of the tree will live forever in the finished piece. I do not stain the wood with color because nature provides a stunning pallet. But when I find a piece of mottled wood, I can fill the voids with a hardened resin and on the lathe turn a handheld pen or utensil that will surprise & delight. My woodworking studio is on the edge of a woods with hickory, cherry, walnut and oak trees which serve as a source of materials and inspiration.

During the tour, I will demonstrate turning small pieces on a wood lathe. How using either a vacuum chamber or a pressure pot, I infuse mottled wood with colored resin and hard it for turning.

Ample parking up the hill of the driveway. easy access with no stairs. The site is wheelchair accessible, however, there will be an incline from the vehicle to reach the woodworking studio.


13. Dawn Wians

3634 Swoboda Rd

Painting, Mixed Media

I am an abstract artist working in mixed media oil painting. With a BA in Design and the Human Environment, I’m trained as a designer and practice sense-making in many areas of my life. In my art practice, I’m drawn to color, line and shape, the forms they become, and the way we experience them.

Working primarily on site-specific works of art serves to narrow my generative practice and gives focus to my work.

I’ve experienced the Driftless Region nearly all my life; growing up on the western edge, 25 years living on the eastern edge, and weekly retreats to my lake cabin studio in an area once an ancient glacial lake. As an avid gardener, I use nature as a material reference to make sense of and give meaning to my work as an artist. With creative curiosity, I strive to push the experimental use of surface texture and natural mediums forward into abstract images.

My current body of work is influenced by the humble human scale of the ground under our feet and the vast horizons that stretch ahead of us.

During the tour, I’ll be creating value sketches and color studies for future landscape paintings. Natural mediums will be available for guests to experiment with! I will be available to demonstrate the various ways these natural mediums might be combined with oil paint, inks, loose pigment and cold wax medium.

The demonstration studio space is wheelchair accessible. There is one step up to the gallery space.

There is ample parking along the road and in driveway. In the event of heavy rain, vehicles will not be allowed on the lawn.