Arena, Mazomanie & Black Earth

18. Andrew Linderman

402 Dalogasa Dr


The pots I create are intended to bring artwork into daily living while enhancing the interactions between food, drink, people, and their community. As a craftsperson, I endeavor to create highly utilitarian wares for people to use, touch, see, and experience on a consistent basis.

My forms are loosely inspired by the natural world. Just like all oak trees are distinguished from any other species in the forest, each tree is also unique unto itself. I find beauty in the diversity that handcrafted works bring into our assembly-line culture.

The realm of function gives me parameters in which I can explore the purpose and utility of each form and how handmade ceramics augment everyday experiences. By considering how the forms are interacted with I strive to help the user get more satisfaction from commonplace occasions.

Food and drink sustain our bodies, but the camaraderie, empathy, and conviviality of good company sustains our souls. Handcrafted utilitarian wares augment the nourishment of food and companionship at a meal or with drinks, and adds a deeper layer of care and compassion. My pottery ventures to make not only the profound moments, but also the mundane actions of daily living, more artful, cherishable and fulfilling 

I will have kiln unloadings around noon each day and will take requests to demonstrate wheel throwing.

18. Linda Franzblau

402 Dalogasa Dr


Linda Franzblau’s interest in organic design and pattern underlines her contemporary jewelry designs, navigating the aesthetic and technical difficulties each material presents.

Linda’s tenacity and curiosity to explore new materials making them perform in unexpected ways is acritical element of her jewelry-making journey.

Linda discusses the processes and elements used in her jewelry. Meeting and talking is a large part of why she enjoys selling directly to her patrons.

18. GG

402 Dalogasa Dr


Green Goodies (GG) is a rising portrait artist and content creator based in Madison, WI. While struggling to find relief in 2021 from a new diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder, GG turned to painting. She spent countless hours teaching herself to draw, paint, film, edit and produce high quality pieces. Her digital presence aims to inspire people to create and bring people closer together while sometimes being physically far apart through art and kindness.

I will be demonstrating vibrant acrylic paintings themed around nature.


17. Jason Sromovsky

134 Crescent St



I try to keep out of it as much as I can. I’m not trying to make a statement—the tree made the statement, I’m trying to reveal the bowl. Any creative decisions I make during the process I want to be unconscious or at least feel inevitable—as if the burl were controlling my actions. I don’t want the finished product to look like someone made it. I want it to look so beautiful that it could only be the result of some natural process. I feel like the only hope of that is to smother the ego as much as possible.

I start by harvesting a burl from my Mom’s land in Hollandale. Then I use a variety of adzes that I made to chip out the bowl as much as I dare, following the shape of the burl. I then smooth out the chips and remove some more material with a shaper (a spiky curved wheel that fits on an angle grinder) to get the final roughed out shape. Next I sand ( and sand and sand and sand) it down to 600 grit or so with a flexible shaft small inflatable drum sander before rubbing it down by hand with 1500 grit paper, Finally I mark and date it and then finish it with either organic Swedish oil wax or an oil finish.

Street parking on Crescent and Cramer streets. House entry is not wheelchair accessible—three steps to the front door. If I do some adzing work demonstration that would be more or less accessible as I do that in my driveway off the back alley behind the house.


16. Pamela Grabber

10242 Schoenemann Rd


Whether it’s vegetables and flowers grown in my garden, familiar domestic objects, or landscapes I’m immersed in, I’m particularly interested in capturing my place in time through the medium of paint as I explore these timeless images. In the warmer months, I paint outside, directly observing and capturing my subject. In the winter, I enjoy the comforts of my indoor studio as I use the grisaille technique, which is a method of applying colored glazes of oil paint over a black and white under painting. Wherever I paint, my intention is to convey a sense of solace, wonder and peaceful contemplation of the beauty of creation.

Weather permitting, I will demonstrate a plein air painting outside in my garden.

I will also have a grisaille technique demonstration in process to show how I glaze colors on the black and white under painting.

Ample street parking is available and is level with the driveway to the studio. Solace Studio is accessible by three steps. The gardens are accessible by wheelchair.


14. Luci Shirek

1010 Hillcrest Rd
Black Earth


Painting, 2D Mixed Media

My face glows when I have a paintbrush in my hand and my mind is a whirlwind of ideas. For me, art ideas are everywhere. As I pick up leaves on a walk, photograph flowers in a garden, or contemplate the stained-glass window in a church, these images now turn into artwork. My artwork has always been both realistic and abstract. Some art turns out as realistic as a photograph or as abstracted as just shapes. I love to work in both forms; I need both the structure and the spontaneity.

As a creative person, I cannot work in only one medium. Although my focus is on watercolor painting, I also work in oil, acrylic, mixed media and collage.

My many years of teaching watercolor for Madison College Continuing Education has now ended. I now teach freelance watercolor classes. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and a “thank you” makes me smile. I also belong to numerous art groups. I need all aspects of art to keep me inspired!

During the tour, Luci will demonstrate watercolor painting each day using color theory and various watercolor techniques with visitor questions encouraged.

Entry to Studio and Gallery are on ground level, with doorway near the garage. An additional Gallery is on the middle level of this tri-level home, 9 steps up inside.

The studio is located near the top of a hill with parking on the hill, saving handicap parking in driveway.

Does not accept credit cards.