Jessica Curning-Kuenzi returns for Spring Art Tour 2021

Jessica Curning-Kuenzi returns for Spring Art Tour 2021

Jessica Curning-Kuenzi returns for Spring Art Tour 2021

Jessica Curning-Kuenzi is back for her 2nd year with the Spring Art Tour!

We are thrilled to have Curning-Kuenzi return to the Tour for 2021 with her breathtaking photography and intricate chain maile jewelry.

Here is a photo of a White Breasted Nuthatch that Jessica recently posted to social media.

Jessica Curning-Kuenzi, 'White Breasted Nuthatch' photograph
Jessica Curning-Kuenzi, 'Beautiful Day on the Farm' photograph

“Beautiful day on the farm”, Jessica writes of this inviting farmscape on social media in early April of this year. The sepia tone makes us feel the promise of warmer days to come.

 CurningJewelry, Chainmaille jewelry from her Etsy Shop

See Curning-Kuenzi’s exquisite Chainmaille & photography in person

during this year’s Spring Art Tour, June 4-6. Meanwhile, see a preview, shop her online stores, get tour information and more at her Spring Art Tour Artist page!

Jessica Curning Kuenzi Photography

Jessica Curning Kuenzi Photography
Agate Necklace by Jessica Curning Kuenzi
Welcome Patty Klarer to Spring Art Tour 2021

Welcome Patty Klarer to Spring Art Tour 2021

Welcome Patty Klarer to Spring Art Tour 2021

Besides working with clients on their personal pieces,

Patty enjoys seeing what her soul in unison with her hands generate from an interesting collection of gems, ammonites and natures trinkets.

Patty Klarer, Jeweler, pendant
Patty Klarer, jeweler, Aquamarine


With insight and knowledge only an experienced jeweler would have, Patty writes of this ring: “Aquamarine is the March birthstone. It’s a light blue gem that gives off a cool feeling. This ring holds a pear cut Aquamarine and it’s cool quality seems to be enhanced in this yellow gold custom setting.”

And on her Social Media page Precious Metal Kreations at Bergey Jewelry (the jewelry store in Mount Horeb where she sells her work), she writes about this piece here:

“A heartfelt mobius design transformed into an heirloom diamond pendant for a friend.”

This is Klarer’s first year on the Spring Art Tour…

…and we are thrilled to have her! Her studio will be open for the Tour. To find out more and get a preview of her bedazzling work, please see her Spring Art Tour Artist page!

Patty Klarer, jeweler, Mobius Design Pendant

Welcome Ivy Klarer to the 2021 Spring Art Tour

Welcome Ivy Klarer to the 2021 Spring Art Tour

Welcome Ivy Klarer to the 2021 Spring Art Tour

Ivy is making lots of new work for the spring art tour!

In addition to metal and jewelry, she loves to work with other materials and make functional objects and sculptures. In this video she is inlaying silver into walnut to make custom cutlery rests that will have a brass rod across the top.

Time-lapse of inlaying silver roman numerals into walnut

Ivy Klarer joins the Spring Art Tour for 2021!

See some featured work at her Spring Art Tour Artist page.

Ivy Klarer, jeweler, Rose Gold Leaf Ring

Rose Gold Leaf Ring

Ivy Klarer, jeweler, Wedding Set

Wedding Set

Ivy Klarer, jeweler, Onyx ring

Onyx Ring

Hello Spring. Hello Spring Art Tour.

Hello Spring. Hello Spring Art Tour.

Hello Spring. Hello Spring Art Tour.

June 4, 2021: the Tour returns!

It’s a new year, and after taking a hiatus in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, the Spring Art Tour is back for 2021, June 4-6! Well, 29 of us that is, in slightly different studio spaces—some of us might be outside of our studios, in tents, garages, or barns… We’ll be monitoring the Covid situation and adhering to the Current Order at the Dane County Public Health department. More info can be found at our Spring Art Tour page.

outside wall of Market Weight Press, the studio of S.V. Medaris

Zuzu on guard outside Market Weight Press during the height of the Pandemic, 2020

In 2006

…the first group of artists met at Zalucha Studio to make a plan and determine how to proceed. They included Peggy Flora Zalucha, and several artists who are still on the Spring Art Tour to this day: Tamlyn Akins, Jane Varda, and Mikel Kelley.

As Tamlyn explains: “We tried to join the Fall Art Tour initially but were declined because they felt they couldn’t expand their tour area. At that point we decided to create our own tour. We discussed the desire to create a high quality tour with the intention to have a Selection Committee who would be responsible for maintaining a high standard. We discussed in depth how the tour should be coordinated, conducted, and when it should take place. We also decided to create a non-profit arts organization so that we would be eligible for grants.”

Peggy Flora Zalucha's 'Ready to Roll,' watercolor and ink

Peggy Flora Zalucha

Opulent Orchids, watercolor by Tamlyn Akins

Tamlyn Akins

Jane Varda's 'Amber Waves' oil

Jane Varda

Kelley Mikel, ceramic green mug

Mikel Kelley

It would be a lot of work.

Needing to take it to the next level, Peggy and Tamlyn, working with an attorney and CPA to get all their legal ducks in a row, created the organization legally, filed for non-profit status and all of the necessary IRS and WI Dept. of Revenue documents. It took them almost a full year. Because they didn’t yet have their 501(C)3 status during the 2007 tour, they filed for grants under the non-profit umbrella of the WVA. Peggy, who had served on the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission/Dane Arts and knew a lot about grant writing, coached Tamlyn through the process. To this day, Tamlyn is responsible for all of the grant writing for our organization. She continues to secure grants for the Spring Art Tour, and the MHAAA—necessary financial support without which our nonprofit would not exist.

From 2007-2020, up until last year, when a new Board of Directors was formed, Tamlyn was responsible for designing the Spring Art Tour brochure, the website, writing grants, and helping in just about every aspect of the Tour (whew!), pushing to make the Spring Art Tour the professional, successful, popular event it is today, attended by hundreds every year.

Spring Art Tour brochure from 2020 (which was subsequently cancelled due to Covid)

With many thanks…

As the new Board of Directors works to ensure the Spring Art Tour is a continued success, we recognize the herculean effort, work and time Tamlyn put into the Spring Art Tour these past years, and we are grateful for her continued work as grant writer and co-chair of the Spring Art Tour to this day. From all of us at MHAAA: Thank you for all that you do, Tamlyn!

The Spring Art Tour: This project is supported by Dane County Arts with additional funds from the Endres Mfg. Company Foundation, The Evjue Foundation, Inc., charitable arm of The Capital Times, the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation, and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation.