Welcome Patty Klarer to Spring Art Tour 2021

Apr 8, 2021

Besides working with clients on their personal pieces,

Patty enjoys seeing what her soul in unison with her hands generate from an interesting collection of gems, ammonites and natures trinkets.

Patty Klarer, Jeweler, pendant
Patty Klarer, jeweler, Aquamarine


With insight and knowledge only an experienced jeweler would have, Patty writes of this ring: “Aquamarine is the March birthstone. It’s a light blue gem that gives off a cool feeling. This ring holds a pear cut Aquamarine and it’s cool quality seems to be enhanced in this yellow gold custom setting.”

And on her Social Media page Precious Metal Kreations at Bergey Jewelry (the jewelry store in Mount Horeb where she sells her work), she writes about this piece here:

“A heartfelt mobius design transformed into an heirloom diamond pendant for a friend.”

This is Klarer’s first year on the Spring Art Tour…

…and we are thrilled to have her! Her studio will be open for the Tour. To find out more and get a preview of her bedazzling work, please see her Spring Art Tour Artist page!

Patty Klarer, jeweler, Mobius Design Pendant