Tamlyn Akins: mandalas and pet portraiture

Mar 25, 2021

Watercolor, pastel, origami, jewelry…

Tamlyn does it all! As we recounted in our last post, Tamlyn was instrumental in starting the Spring Art Tour, continues securing grants for the organization (thus ensuring the Tour continues from year to year), and she also creates phenomenal artwork in a variety of media. This is her 14th year on the Tour, and she continues to work as prolifically as ever. You can see some of her recent work at her Spring Art Tour artist’s page, and in person during the Tour, as her studio will be open!

Tamlyn Akins pet portrait of Sadie, dog; watercolor
Tamlyn Akins pet portrait of Finn the Cat, watercolor

Sadie, the dog and Finn, the cat are both commissioned pet portraits by Tamlyn Akins

Pet Portraiture

Tamlyn notes that demand for pet portraits has increased during the pandemic year. Here are two recent ones. The cat and dog are commissioned pet portraits.


As Professor Wiki explains: Mandala as an art form first appeared in Buddhist art that were produced in India during the first century B.C.E.[3] In New Age, the mandala is a diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a time-microcosm of the universe, but it originally meant to represent wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows the relation to the infinite and the world that extends beyond and within various minds & bodies.

Tamlyn writes: “I’m finding painting mandalas to be especially calming during this stressful time.” Experiencing Akin’s work these days, we see beauty out of chaos. You can see the work in person June 4-6 at the Spring Art Tour!

Up close of a dragonfly in progress, watercolor by Tamlyn Akins

The start of a mandala

Up close of dragonflies and flower in progress, watercolor by Tamlyn Akins

color being added (watercolor)

The mandala design taking shape, work in progress, watercolor by Tamlyn Akins

the overall mandala design begins to take shape

Tamlyn Akins, 'Melon Mandala', watercolor

A finished mandala, Melon Mandala