June 4-6, 2021 – Daily 10-5 – Mt. Horeb, New Glarus, Blanchardville, Barneveld, Black Earth, Mazomanie

Vicki France


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Wisconsin Driftless Photography & Beyond by Vicki France (8th year on Tour)

200 Wilson St, Mount Horeb, WI 53572
(608) 219-6046   |   vickifrance@gmail.com

Vicki France, 'Pope Farm', photograph

Pope Farm


Vicki France, 'Not alone', photograph

Not Alone


Vicki France Photography Wisconsin Landscape

Wisconsin Wildflowers


Vicki France Photography Horses

Wisconsin Landscape



When natures chaos comes together and creates a beautiful song of light, color and textures before my eyes. 

Welcome to my world, get lost with me on the backroads, each photo is filled with vivid details of light, color and stories.

The past couple years I have spent time photographing in Wisconsin, Hawaii and Ireland.

A self-taught photographer that was taught to see the beauty of this place I call home and to tread upon it lightly. I consider myself lucky to have grown up among the towering bluffs that surround the Wisconsin and Kickapoo Rivers in the driftless region of Wisconsin. My favorite past-time has always been getting lost in the wooded hills and valleys of southwest Wisconsin. I have always wanted to share what I saw and felt in these places and photography opened that door. I work hard to capture the essence and emotion that come over me when I visit these places.

I have many photos from my travels, but it is the Wisconsin driftless region that is my beloved. Perhaps the future will bring new loves.

Photography for me is a fun, obsessive and challenging. Many of my images are straight from the camera give or take a few tweaks and some are full on totally tweaked out.

Vicki France, photograph of the artist

Spring Art Tour Demonstration

How to develop camera raw images.

Vicki France Photography: sun peaks out from behind clouds