Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022
Luci Shirek

2D Mixed Media, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil painting. Mixed Media and Collage

Luci Shirek Artist
1010 Hillcrest Road
Black Earth, Wisconsin 53515

#15 on the tour map.

Entry to Studio and Gallery are on ground level, with doorway near the garage.An additional Gallery is on the middle level of this tri-level home, 9 steps up inside.The studio is located near the top of a hill with parking on the hill, saving handicap parking in driveway.

Credit Cards are not accepted.

About Luci and her art:

Creating art is my passion.My face glows when I have a paintbrush in my hand and my mind is a whirlwind of ideas.For me, art ideas are everywhere.As I pick up leaves on a walk, photograph old buildings in a field , or contemplate a weekend getaway, these images now turn into artwork.My artwork has always been both realistic and abstract.Some art turns out as realistic as a photograph or as abstracted as just shapes.I love to work in both forms; I need both the structure and the spontaneity.As a creative person, I cannot work in only one medium. Although my focus is on watercolor painting, I also work in oil, acrylic, mixed media and collage.

My many years of teaching watercolor for Madison College Continuing Education has now ended. I now teach freelance watercolor classes.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and a “thank you” makes me smile. I also belong to numerous art groups.

I need all aspects of art to keep me inspired!

Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022
Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022
Artist Demonstration:

During the tour, Luci will demonstrate watercolor painting each day using color theory and various watercolor techniques with visitor questions encouraged.

Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022