Mikel Kelley back for his 14th year on the Tour

May 14, 2021

Mikel Kelley has been with the Spring Art Tour since the beginning

Mikel’s ceramics studio has been a part of the Mt. Horeb community for over 20 years, and he is one of the original organizers of the Tour. His work can be seen all over town—from private sculptures to his iconic Grumpy Troll mugs. Stop by 4th Street Ceramics June 4-6 to see the artist at work, view artwork, or commission a piece.

Mikel Kelley's mugs on display at Grumpy Troll

See Mikel Kelley’s work

during this year’s Spring Art Tour, June 4-6. Meanwhile, see a preview, get tour information and more at his Spring Art Tour Artist page!

Kelley Mikel, ceramic green mug

Kelley Mikel, ceramic sculpture, 'Phuk Covid'
Kelley Mikel, ceramic tile