Heidi Clayton: Wunderkind, president,…

Apr 9, 2021

A full plate, and a beautiful one at that!

Heidi Clayton, co-owner of Center Ground Studios, potter, teacher, wife and mom, MHAAA president tireless worker at other jobs as well, and just barely into her 3rd decade of life? Wunderkind! We at MHAAA are thrilled to have Clayton as our hard-working, utterly charming, inspiring leader, and are so grateful for all that she does.

Heidi Clayton, potter, unfired serving dish
Heidi Clayton, potter, unfired serving dish

That said, Heidi, lately got back into the studio after too much time taking care of everything and everybody else. She recently writes:
“First time back in the studio for what seems like forever. I wanted to try an oval serving dish and some medium bowls to get back in the swing of things. I have to say it feels really good to touch clay again!”

Back in the Studio…

creating more beautiful, functional ceramic ware for you to enjoy in your own home. You can see Clayton’s wonderful ware in person during this year’s Spring Art Tour (her 6th year on the Tour), June 4-6. Meanwhile, see a preview, shop her online store, get tour information and more at her Spring Art Tour Artist page!

Coffee pitcher by Heidi Clayton
Heidi Clayton, potter; wheel-thrown, ceramic bowl
Ceramic Oil Cruet by Heidi Clayton