Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022

Christine Echtner

Painting, 2D, Mixed Media
Christine Echtner
4996 County Highway P
Cross Plains, Wisconsin 53528
#1 on the tour map.
Plenty of parking, wheelchair accessible, smooth ramp up to the barn entrance.

Credit Cards are accepted.

About Christine and her art:
“Growing up in a family of artists I have been looking at and making art since I can remember.
My maternal grandmother was especially influential in introducing me to mixed media and sparked my interest in combining materials.
She taught me to see the creative possibilities in everything.

My work is about storytelling.
I use drawing, acrylic and mixed materials to develop my stories. I start out with a basic idea and, combining figures, line, texture, color and pattern, the story takes shape as I as I develop it on the canvas.
With the title in place I encourage the viewer to participate, to expand on the idea and continue the story in a way that is meaningful to them.”

Christine Echtner was born and raised in Wisconsin.
She studied art at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in drawing and painting.
She resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022
Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022
Artist Demonstration:
During the tour, Christine will be working on her ‘Smalls” and will discuss how she goes about pulling together her stories.
Chuck Bauer, MHAAA SAT 2022