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Jane VardaI work concurrently as a freelance art director and painter in my own office and studio. Trained in a variety of media, I paint primarily in oil and pastels, either en plein air or in the studio from photographs or still-life. My subject matter is usually landscape, figure or still-life and it is about the world I see around me and to which I am deeply, emotionally connected – the sanctuary of my country home and gardens; the limitless landscape opportunities outside my door; my family and my dogs. Photographs taken over many years, fill boxes and projects fill my head. There are not enough hours in the day, years in a lifetime, for all the painterly possibilities in the rich imagery that surrounds me.

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  • Town of Berry Winter
  • My Time
  • Festge From 14

I love the atmospherics of the passing seasons in the rural landscape. I am fascinated by the pattern, shape, texture and infinite colour in both big sky scenery and in the perfect details of an exquisitely formed flower or shell. I look for the design and the abstraction within an image—working from natural subject matter to capture an image not identical but the equivalence of a scene.

I become deeply engaged in breaking down the various elements of a scene and then in building it up in 2 dimensional layers of paint or pastel. Working outside, with the light changing value, hue, and chroma I learn to make my statements fast. I make colour decisions to frame an emotional response–an interpretation–of a moment held in time.

DEMONSTRATION: I will be painting with either oils or pastel each day of the tour.

STUDIO ACCESS: The house and studio are built atop a hill overlooking Spring Valley Road. An initially steep gravel driveway (.3 mile) winds up to a flat area with ample parking space along the drive and also right up by the north-facing, studio entrance. The front entrance is accessed by a 16-step, including a half-landing, exterior stone staircase. 

Credit Cards are not accepted by this artist.

Spring Studio
9332 Spring Valley Road, Mazomanie, WI 53560 | (608) 798-9999
jane.varda@tds.net | janevarda.com