steel sculpture

Nana SchowalterI am a sculptor. My current work includes two collections entitled Magic Objects and Garden Spirits. The inspiration for these pieces comes from contemplation and research about symbols and objects of ancient cultures.

I am most interested in the images left to us before the development of written language, for these symbols carry us back to the earliest desire to communicate through form.

The ancients did not by definition make art, but rather made beautiful objects that symbolized their theology.

I am intrigued by objects that served as functional and sacred reliquary for ritual and celebration.


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  • Circle Totem 8H
  • Rabbit in the Garden
  • River Dancer

DEMONSTRATION: I will have a video or slide presentation which shows how I create my sculptures.

STUDIO ACCESS: After a short walk between perennial flower gardens, and across a mowed lawn which slants gently upward, there are three steps up into the Hen House Studio/Gallery. The space within is very well lit, but it has a slightly uneven floor. Refreshments will be served.

Credit Cards are not accepted by this artist.

Nana Schowalter will be exhibiting at:
Bauer Studio
N-9075 York Center Road, Blanchardville, WI | 608-523-4987
Contact Nana: nananana@tds.net | nanaschowalter.com