steel sculpture

John Pahlas at workArt has had an influence on my life since birth. Having been brought up in a family whose artistic innovations go back 5 generations, I've learned that the creative act is far more than a hobby or a past time. It is a passionate awakening, a conduit through which identity and meaning of life can be obtained.

I was raised in a steel fabrication and blacksmithing studio in Ripon, Wisconsin. My parents showed me the vast possibilities held within the ferrous material that is steel. As I was taught the ways of steel work, I immediately wanted to test the boundaries of the material by creating forms inspired by nature.

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  • Dizzy
  • Funky Drummer
  • Pan

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Although I had already built up a great deal of discipline and work ethic with my parents in their studio, college widened my artistic horizons and instilled a sense of independence that I hadn’t been given the opportunity to have working alongside family. I started doing private commissioned sculpture my Freshman year of college and have been working full time sculpting since I graduated May of 2013.

I currently run a studio out of Mount Horeb with the love of my life, Heidi Clayton. She hosts ceramic classes and pottery lessons and I make creative & heavy messes in the steel sculpting wing. When I'm not in the studio, I am usually on the road, showing my work in various parts of the country at art shows and cultural fairs. Together, our mission is to enrich the community through art and allow all who are interested to engage in the creative process.

DEMONSTRATION: I'll have the bay door open to the steel studio where I'll be doing grinding and welding. I plan to have a welding screen up so folks don't hurt their eyes.

STUDIO ACCESS: The entrance to our studio is totally wheel chair accessible. There is a short sidewalk to the main entrance and the bay door of the steel studio which connects with a sixty foot long drive way (low grade incline, very doable for elderly/handicapped). Our artwork will be for sale in the main room where Heidi will be throwing pottery on the wheel.

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