oil painting

Louise Kubista

I started painting after retirement. I was a quilter at the time and had taken a workshop on painting on fabric for quilting; I loved the painting part of the workshop better than the quilting and it took off from there. I started with watercolors, onto pastels and acrylics and finally oil painting which has become my medium of choice.

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The joy I find in painting is the challenge of putting my idea on canvas based on what I see in front of me whether it is a still life, a photograph or a landscape. I was not born with a brush in my hand, my achievement has come from workshops, classes and a desire to learn my art and many hours of practice. I hope that others who would love to paint will decide they are able to and then go about doing what they need to to become an artist as I have.

DEMONSTRATION: I will be demonstrating looking at value using a red filter and ValueViewer on the IPad.

STUDIO ACCESS: There are two steps up to get into the house and one step down to access the studio.

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