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Doug painting I am a native of Madison, WI. I attended Madison Schools, including Thoreau elementary, Cherokee middle and West High and was deeply influenced by my teachers, especially the late Don Hunt. As an undergraduate at Kalamazoo College, I studied art and later acquired a degree in art education from the University of Minnesota.

Following college, I have exhibited frequently and have been an active member of the Wisconsin Visual Artists* since the early 1990’s. In 2000 the Governor’s Awards in Support of the Arts selected me to create a set of 6 commissioned watercolors to be presented to award winners. One of those works is now in the permanent collection of the Chazen. When an exchange with Japanese artists was proposed to the Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA), I was an energetic part of the leadership team that made that project possible.

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  • Gyeongbok Palace
  • Star Wars Vase
  • Madison

In 2006 I revisited the theme of self-portrait with a series of 36 self portraits over the course of 36 days of chemotherapy. In 2008 I began a project to illustrate the bible. Since then I've created over 500 pen and ink illustrations and presented the work in Washington D.C. and Seoul. In 2013, I sold out my paintings in advance to my plein air event called 30 paintings in 30 days.  In 2003, I began editing of the WVA magazine and website. In addition to layout and editing of the magazine, I wrote numerous, articles, reviews and artist profiles. I stepped down as magazine editor in 2011 and stepped down from my role as website manager in September of 2018. With the weight of these duties lifted, I have plans to increase my artistic output and pursue publication of the biblical illustrations.

DEMONSTRATION: I plan to demonstrate plein air painting in acrylic.

STUDIO ACCESS: Visitors enter the studio via an accessible wooden ramp that leads to the front door.

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