Aimee in studioAs a little girl I loved to play “dress up,” often clomping around in my mother's heels and flaunting my pop bead necklaces. One day my school was having a rummage sale and I purchased a pair of rather large rhinestone-studded earrings for Mom. She accepted the gift graciously and wore them when going out with my dad. I remember how happy I was to see her in those earrings!

Now I design the jewelry and still get endless joy from seeing others wearing it! Recently I had the honor and pleasure of creating a wedding necklace for my son's bride. I incorporated most of the beads from a bracelet she brought to me. The bracelet was a sentimental piece that even included her spirit animal and an antique key she had recently acquired. I added more pearls, a little sparkle and vintage-looking chain. I designed it so her small spirit animal dangled down the back of her neck, along with some family bijoux and dainty floral beads. She loved it!

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  • Bohemian Dance
  • Florida Key
  • Merry Fish

On the actual wedding day, she looked beautiful and her necklace was in place. Then, horrors! I discovered I had left my carefully designed earrings at home! There was still time for the bride to come to my rescue, lending me a pair of hers. So it not only the bride who borrows something!

The point of my stories is that often jewelry manages to play a role in our joyful memories. I am happy to be a part of that.

DEMONSTRATION: I plan to demonstrate my creative process by tracing the evolution of a necklace, incorporating "found objects" from concept to finished piece.

STUDIO ACCESS: There is an outside access with one step up to the basement studio. The path to the studio door is over lawn. There is a bathroom.

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Aimée Gauger will be a guest artist at the home studio of Louise Kubista.
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