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Tamlyn Akins at workThe "artistic streak" began early with notepads and a pencil to keep me quiet, I suspect. I've been drawing and making things from an early age.

My goal is to weave almost entirely with natural materials. I have planted my own willow patch, begun with willow starts given to me as a student in a willow basket class at Sievers on Washington Island. The feel and aroma of willow, plus it's long history as a basket making material is very appealing to me, although I do weave with many other materials.

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  • Let's Fly Girls
  • Untitled
  • Random Catkin

I'm always exploring and learning. I want to create pieces that evoke in others more awareness of the beauty, fragility and importance of our natural surroundings and fellow creatures. If some humor is detected, that's all good!

DEMONSTRATION: I will demonstrate how to make Carolina Snowflakes or make willow bead bracelets.  

STUDIO ACCESS: Tamlyn Akins Art & Design is located at the address below. Visitors are encouraged to drive up to the house. Nancy's artwork will be handicap accessible.

Credit Cards are accepted by this artist.

Nancy will be a guest artist at
Tamlyn Akins Art & Design
4629 Highway JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515 | 608-767-1281

To contact Nancy Bruins: 608-767-2214 | nbruins2@gmail.com